• Aim2Sustain is an enterprise well equipped to advise and support both the Public and Private Sector in terms of development and transformation using Sustainability as our philosophy.

    We believe it is essential to build capacity in business to innovate and to execute effectively, meeting market needs swiftly, on a global scale.

    For tomorrow’s enduring businesses, sustainability will be about making money by meeting real and fundamental people, process, equipment and environmental needs within the market place and the wider community. Read More …

    Latest News!

    YouTube Video  - Specific

    Jeremy Stephens, Managing Director of Aim2Sustain comments on YouTube regarding the advantages of being an Subject Matter Expert working with SPECIFIC.

    SPECIFIC is an Innovation and Knowledge Centre. It aims to develop coated glass and steel products that capture, store and release solar energy, turning buildings into power stations.  The centre brings together world class academic and industrial expertise in the fields of photovoltaics, solar thermal, batteries, chemical conversion and wide area lighting, alongside unique sheet and coil printing and coating facilities. Read More ...

  • Energy Appraisals and Sustainable Consultancy

    Our Sustainable Construction Consultancy specialises in practical green building; we work with clients, architects, developers and construction companies to improve the sustainability of their projects. We provide a wide range of practical consultancy services to enable clients to identify the benefits of incorporating sustainable and environmentally–friendly practices in the construction of commercial and domestic properties.

    Clearly there can be significant financial and marketing benefits to considering sustainability issues when designing and building properties.

    Energy MonitoringSome of our services include:

    • BREEAM (Environmental assessment standard)
    • Hydrology Assessment
    • Flood Risk and Consequence report
    • Carbon Footprints
    • Code for Sustainable Homes
    • Green Travel Plans
    • SBEM & SAP Calculations
    • Sustainable Diagnostics
    • Energy Monitoring (Performance)
    • Sustainable Building Design and 3D Modelling
    • Design of Sustainable Landscaping and Drainage Solutions
    • Construction Design Management Coordination
    • Client Bespoke Marketing Material
    • Property Design & Development
  • Energy Saving Products and Installations

    We work closely with all our partnering organisations to ensure that our products are readily available to be delivered anytime and any place. We also offer our clients bespoke project and programme managed solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements.

    Thermal ImaginfOur products include:

    • LED Lighting
    • Solar (Thermal & PV)
    • Bio Mass
    • Water Harvesting
    • Insulated Render Systems
    • Thermal Dynamics
    • Energy Monitoring
    • Heat Pumps
    • Voltage Optimisation
    • Air Tightness Membranes
    • Mechanical Ventilation
    • Niko Home Controls
    Supply and Install with Confidence

    To ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of workmanship and service, we have a network of accredited partnering organisations that meet the quality standards and expectations set out by Aim2Sustain.

    Prior to becoming an accredited partner, they must be able to demonstrate to us that they have the ability to provide a service which is value for money, to the highest quality standard whilst ensuring excellent customer service throughout the process and beyond.

  • Business Consultancy

    Aim2Sustain provides a Centre of Excellence with highly trained and motivated staff. We offer an ever-growing exemplar demonstration facility, which assists individuals and organisations to develop tomorrow’s professionals, today, within the sustainability marketplace.

    We help organisations keep abreast of the constantly changing legislative environment whilst helping to build their credentials and branding reputation. We strive to develop opportunities, experimenting and trialling new and innovative products and ideas.

    Business montageSome of our services include:

    • Sustainable Accreditation Centre
    • Learning, Development and Training
    • People Profiling
    • Partnership/Shared Service Working
    • Health & Safety Management
    • Programme/Project Management
    • Business Case Justification
    • Lean and Systems Thinking
    • Risk Management
    • Change Management
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Health Checks & Gateway Reviews
    • Stakeholder Management and Communication Planning
    • Visioning Workshops and Feasibility Studies
    • Workforce Planning and Achieving High Performance Teams
    • Complete ICT management services: Web Design; Software Development; IT secure storage, compliance and security
  • Sustainable Training Academy (The Pulse)

    Aim2sustain provide multi disciplinary courses to enable customers to develop their business and commercial skills and knowledge.

    The PulseThe Pulse is located near Port Talbot in South Wales and offers a suite of industry related training allowing customers to learn new skills, enhance existing skills and learn about new products within the sustainable market.

    We have many years of experience within the business and the construction industry and particularly the sustainable sector. At the Pulse, we provide practical valued training and bring theory to life with case studies and site visits.

    Aim2Sustain provide cost effective client centred consultancy, training and development services to enable clients to improve the professional standing and enhance the reputation of their business.

    For example, we have teamed up with EAL to offer a 5 day training course that provides a comprehensive understanding of energy efficient refurbishment.

    Aim2Sustain TrainingThe course is based around the following:

    • Understanding the need for energy efficient buildings
    • Understanding the sustainability agenda and its importance
    • Practical knowledge of techniques such as wall installation
    • Heating systems and renewable technologies
    • Financial payback of sustainable upgrades
    • Government policy including the Green Deal

    This is just one of the many training & development opportunities we can offer.

  • Our Product Distribution Partnering Organisations

    Here is an overview of our accredited partner organisations:

    Products MontageSolar Plants
    Supplies quality Solar Panels that will help reduce your electricity bills and generate income by selling electricity back to the grid. It also will help your carbon footprint. Make an inquiry regarding Solar Plants

    Premium Lighting Solutions
    Manufacturer and supplier of leading lighting technologies into commercial, public and industrial buildings. They provide a one-stop, turnkey solution for organisations wishing to reduce their lighting costs. Make an inquiry regarding Premium Lighting Solutions

    Termo Bravo
    The only supplier of External Wall Insulation System called Termo Bravo in the UK. The system has been designed, developed and is manufactured in Poland which has a huge experience in EWI systems. Make an inquiry regarding Termo Bravo

    Atlas Water Harvesting
    They have designed and developed the next generation of water harvesting. They are the only water harvesting company in the market which is absolutely 100% totally green & energy free. Make an inquiry regarding Atlas Water Harverting

    Develops, manufactures and markets heating techniques for renewable bio-fuel as pellets, wood and chips. To feel safe in your choice of heating, Ariterm gives priority to functional equipment of high quality with long lifetime. Make an inquiry regarding Ariterm

    Paving and walling manufacturer specialising in the supply of landscaping materials including block paving, paving flags, kerbs, edging and walling products for both the domestic and commercial markets. Make an inquiry regarding Tobermore.

    Produces an environmentally friendly porous paving solution for footpaths, driveways and car parks for both residential and commercial markets. Make an inquiry regarding Sudscape.

  • Meet the Team

    Email: Jeremystephens@aim2sustain.net
    Mobile: 07796 275666
    Profile Colours: Yellow & Red

    Jeremy Stephens (Managing Director)

    With over 25 years in the private and public sector, Jeremy holds a strong leadership and managerial background at a senior level, with a proven track record regionally and nationally, demonstrated by a very effective cross sector exposure.

    He has good strategic appreciation and vision and is able to build and implement sophisticated plans explicitly supporting business needs. He is self driven, self reliant and leads by example to ensure that he genuinely makes a difference.

    Email: Jonridd@aim2sustain.net
    Mobile: 07787 538300
    Profile Colours: Yellow & Blue

    Jonathan Ridd (Director)

    Jonathan is a proactive, adaptable and positive leader who exercises a “can do” attitude. He has extensive management skills developed over the 20 years experience in the construction industry.

    He overcomes challenges through vigorous planning, tenacious and questioning approach – drawing on a wide ranging managerial and technical expertise. He consistently works to the highest professional standards and thrives when working with or leading a cohesive team to deliver synergistic aims that yield multiple sustainable business benefits and creates a happy comfortable working environment.

    Email: Carolinekneath@aim2sustain.net
    Tel: 01639 820026
    Profile Colours: Green & Yellow

    Caroline Kneath (Business Manager)

    With over 15 years experience in business administration and finance, Caroline supports the operational team by ensuring the smooth running and efficiency of the office and training environment with a clear focus on continuously improving the way that Aim2Sustain operates, all within budget and to tight timescales.

    She is a highly organised administrator with proven office management skills and lots of initiative. She is able to deal with people at all levels and capable of ensuring the office runs smoothly. Caroline possesses a sound working knowledge of the use of a range of office software, including  Microsoft Projects, Visio and spreadsheets.

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    Google Map US!Our Address is:

    The Pulse, Unit 11,
    Baglan Energy Park,
    Port Talbot, SA12 7AX

    Phone: 01639 820 026

    Email: enquiries@aim2sustain.net

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